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  • Berritol 5ml (10pcs)

    Skin Concern: For brightening


    • I’m Berritol
    • I’m a Microorganisms from White Strawberry
    • I have full of vitamins
    • I have antioxidant properties
    • I help to retard melanin production
    • I help to revitalize your skin
    • I energize your skin
  • Bio-Peptide 5ml (10pcs)

    Skin Concern: For dry skin


    • I’m Bio-Peptides
    • I’m a polyamines which come from bean spout
    • I provide essential energy source
    • I help cell renewal
    • I protect against stress/UVA & UVB/pollution/blue rays
    • I keep you young
  • Dual Biotic 5ml (10pcs)

    Skin Concern: For all skin type


    • I’m Dual Biotic
    • I’m a Microorganisms that is beneficial on skin
    • I’m a Nutrients that promote the activity of probiotic
    • I protect skin by inhibiting the invasion and growth of harmful bacteria
    • I improve skin barrier function
    • I strengthen the skin from the factor that may cause skin irritation and damaged
  • Seaminos 5ml (10pcs)

    Skin Concern: For anti-wrinkles


    • I’m Seaminos
    • I’m extracted from Sea Fennel
    • I’m energize and rejuvenate your skin
    • I unclogged your pores
    • I boost your collagen
    • I reduce your fine lines and wrinkles
    • I speed up your cell turnover

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