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Brand Story

Love and care for your beautiful skin since 2008...

It all began in 2008, The Skin Clinique, a unique skincare brand was born in the diverse city of Singapore. Our founder, Ms. Carole, a skin healer with a dream of beauty, infused her deep passion for skincare and her grand vision into the brand. With a profound love for skin care, she brought her life attitude into this brand and convey her ideas to the world.


Become a leading brand in the global skin care industry, allowing more people to embrace the beauty of natural and healthy skin.


The brand name of The Skin Clinique implies the mission of “skin treatment”. We provide safe, effective, personalized skin care and beauty services for everyone who pursues beautiful skin.

Our Brand Story...

Carole was once troubled by sensitive skin and stubborn acne. This painful experience made her deeply aware of the impact of skin issues on life, motivating her to create a brand that could help others by providing professional and safe skincare solutions. In a serendipitous encounter, she met a skincare master in Switzerland who had profound insights into skincare. This serendipity paved the way for the establishment of The Skin Clinique. They innovated together, utilizing Switzerland’s rich plant resources and cutting-edge skincare technology to develop a series of skincare products designed for sensitive and acne-prone skin. The products are crafted from natural plant extracts and high-quality Swiss ingredients, have become the hallmark of The Skin Clinique brand and loved by customers. We strive to provide customers with a comfortable and effective skin care experience.

Today, The skin Clinique has become a well-known skin care brand in Singapore and has expanded into a one-stop destination for comprehensive skincare management, eyelash services, manicures, and embroidery artistry.

However, our original intention and grand vision remain unchanged. We aspire to hear the ‘voice of the skin’ from each customer, tailoring the most suitable skincare solutions for them.

A beautiful encounter with your skin!

Every member of our team is a professional artist with exceptional skills. Through continuous training, they accumulate new knowledge and techniques, ensuring the highest quality services and products in the industry.

At The Skin Clinique, every customer’s skin deserves our dedicated care. The Skin Clinique integrates a relentless pursuit of beauty and professional quality into every detail. On the journey of technology and nature, we continuously innovate and develop. Every skincare solution and service detail here is a reflection of our understanding of professional expertise and customer needs.

Brand Value


We provide the best skincare solutions with the professional technology and knowledge.


Advocate plant essence and promote green and environmental friendly skincare concepts.


Respect every customer and provide personalized services to customers wholeheartedly.


Pursue the advancement of skincare technology and bring cutting-edge solutions to customers.

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